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All Hail Davidson, Our Link To Why This Is Fun

If Florida hadn't have won the NCAA Title again last year, it would be safe to say that it would be difficult to remember who was the 2006 NCAA Champion. That's because 2006 was the year of George Mason, and the Final Four itself — which, you may recall, was lousy that year — was just a sidebar to their story. Right now, barring something amazing from Western Kentucky, only one team has a chance to seize the tournament and make it theirs: Davidson, of course.


There are considerable similarities to 2006 in the bracket too; Kansas is that similar kind of somewhat overrated "favorite" the way that Connecticut was that year. (Also, Bill Self, again, has never made the Final Four.) And even though we consider Wisconsin our sleeper, few would argue that they're this terrifying force in the Sweet 16. Davidson fans — and there are some, swear, more than you'd think — have been waiting for years to finally break through with that one tournament win. Now they're seeming like gluttons.

By the way, how awesome is it that Davidson was Larry Brown's first job ... until he changed his mind and left. So unlike him!

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