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All Hail The .500 Buzzsaw

If you'll allow us this quick run of self-indulgent postings, we can't quite get over the image of Peter King proclaiming that The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals would make the playoffs. It was like watching someone speak in tongues on national television, albeit with more field hockey references.

But yeah: The cards are lining up for the Buzzsaw to sneak in. (And then be destroyed by the Giants in the first round of the playoffs.) Heck, the way the NFC looks (sorry, we're still not sold on either the Cowboys or the Packers), a weird hot streak could have them become the first team to host the Super Bowl. It's gotta happen, right? There's no other way!


Actually, this would happen if they could figure out a way to hire away Zook.

Playoffs A Real Possibility For Cards [Arizona Republic]

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