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All Hail The Sword Of Rathgar!

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A confession: We love Medieval Times. We went there for a friend's birthday a couple of years ago, and when we went out drinking afterwards, we ran into the Red Knight. He was surly, even for a knight; he wouldn't even sign our plastic axe. Dick. Anyway, Rashard Lewis is apparently quite the Medieval Times fan as well.

So much so, in fact, that a scuffle ensued following a mad dash for Lewis' autograph.

Rashard Lewis said he and his family attended the dinner show at Medieval Times when some kids believed to be teenagers asked for his autograph. [...]

Kissimmee police Lt. John Lewis - no relation to Rashard Lewis - said officers were summoned after one group of high-school students thought another group was getting too much time posing for pictures with the basketball star. In the ensuing scuffle, which involved two girls and a boy, one teen lost a cell phone and another lost a camera memory card, the lieutenant said.


See, Red Knight: That's how you treat fans. Always leave 'em wanting more ...

Teens Fight For Rashard Lewis' Autograph At Medieval Times [Ball Don't Lie]

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