All Hail Tiki Barber, Maker Of Omelets

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At this point, it's pretty much clear: The New England Patriots might have lost, but the person who comes across the worst in the wake of the upset is clearly Tiki Barber. Pity.

Like a lot of people, we respected Barber's decision to retire, and even bought Rick Reilly's famous "he's just trying to save himself the wear-and-tear of life in the NFL" column defending him. And then Tiki just would not stop talking, claiming he'd still be playing if Tom Coughlin weren't coaching and hammering Michael Strahan for holding out for more money. The whole implication: Sorry, Giants, you could have still had this, had you appreciated this.


So the Giants respond by going out and winning the freaking Super Bowl without him. If only he could have been in the broadcast booth. It's a good thing his job pretty much just mostly involves talking to bored homemakers anymore. No one else will be able to look at him without laughing.


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