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All In All, Not The Greatest Of Weekends

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Boxing's a tough gig, especially if you're what's popularly known as a tomato can; someone to feed to a more talented boxer to fill out a card. The ironically named Patrick Sierra Jr. is such a fighter, for whom we feel a pang of empathy today with the news that, not only did he get pummeled in his super middleweight bout last Friday in Stateline, Nev., but he didn't even make it out of town with his purse. That's him on the left in the photo (insert desired sound effect here). From the Tahoe Daily Tribune:

The 25-year-old boxer from Pueblo, Colo., was dropped three times in the first round after fighting Reno boxer Derrick Hinkey on March 2 at MontBleu. After the fight, Sierra met a woman named Alaya and the two went to Club Blu, dancing and drinking, a Douglas County sheriff's deputy reported. Around 1:45 Saturday morning, the two went to Sierra's room at Horizon Casino Resort where they talked but Sierra fell asleep after an hour, the deputy reported. When he awoke, Sierra discovered the woman and $500 of his $900 purse from his fight gone. "It was pretty bad ... I had passed out. The fight took a little out of me," said Sierra, whose record is 0-2.

According to witnesses, Sierra's "date" was a rather hefty gal; a cruiserweight, we're guessing. That's what happens when you go outside of your division.

It also may be time to consider another line of work when the newspaper accounts of your fights routinely end with the sentence: "Anyone with any information on this case is urged to contact the Douglas County Sheriff's Department."


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