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Tidbits and info smidgens from Week 10 in the NFL ...

• Forgive us if we spare you the "outrage" over the ending of the Browns-Ravens game yesterday. It certainly seems like the NFL reviewed a play they weren't supposed to be able to review, which, you know, is fine, because it's right. The fact that a particular play is officially "not reviewable" is stupid; we assure you, it's reviewable; we just reviewed it, right now. You can't stop us. The call was correct. Who cares about the boring protocols? We're going to have to deal with three or four days this week of, essentially, a bunch of people arguing about linguistics in the user's manual. Yawn. The right call ended up being made, and the whole play looked cool to boot. Can we move on?


• With Kevin Everett addressing his Bills in a pregame message last night, we can't imagine what the atmosphere in Ralph Wilson Stadium must have like. A downright inspirational night. Which makes those repeated going-for-it-on-Fourth-And-One while having a 30 point lead that much more entertaining. Sorry, we agree with Simmons: Having the Patriots around does make the NFL more enjoyable, particularly when someone knocks them on their ass. Though we suppose that will have to actually happen.

• The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals is still one game behind the apparently competent Seattle Seahawks, but here's their schedule the rest of the way: Home against San Francisco, Cleveland, Atlanta and St. Louis, Road against Seattle and New Orleans. Four wins out of those should get them in the playoffs, which is exactly where Peter King predicted yesterday. Which means it's probably not happening now.

• You know, for a brief moment, we were actually kind of excited to see Detroit playing on Thanksgiving for once. Oops.

• So here would be a great irony: The Chargers stumble into the playoffs at 9-7, thanks to their lousy division, and suddenly Norv Turner drives the team through a series of upsets and wins the Super Bowl. Won't happen, obviously, but it's fun to think of a scenario that's the exact opposite of what most people thought would occur preseason.


• Rex Grossman is now the least of the Bears problems.

• One last thing on the Ravens-Browns ending: We love it when a team believes it has won and then is called back on the field. We really love it when a team makes it all the way back to their locker room and is forced to return. Failure is always just a tiny step away from victory ... but it's usually not that close.

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