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Alleged Racism, Confirmed Mustache At Angel Stadium

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You'd think the Angels, actively marketed to Latino fans, would be the last team to have their ushers insulting a Hispanic fan for not speaking English, and giving him the finger. Wait, he was a Yankee fan? Carry on, then.

I like that the Angels make their ushers wear old timey straw hats, but old timey racism is taking things a bit too far.

On Saturday, Yankees fan Jim Galgano got ejected from the game. The team says he was using profanity; here is his side of the story:

I am pretty disturbed at the fact that today I took off a day at work to enjoy a game with my kids at your ballpark. I am a Yankee fan and from the moment I got to your park was heckled by fans. I'm a gamer, it doesn't bother me, I give back what is given to me. Your security team called me out of my seat to speak with me and then attempted to remove me from the game. I was pushed by one of your security guards and as he used profanity towards me and my family, My family was then given a middle finger by one of your ushers, all this is recorded on film, even your usher saying get this and then putting up his middle finger. As I was pushed out of the stadium and heckled by security and other fans my children were left behind, what kind of day at the park was this? I have two kids and the only thing they remember about there trip to the ballpark was a security guard giving him the middle finger! Is this how your security is trained I have never had an experience like this before and I'm very upset about this something needs to be done!!!!


On their way out, another member of their party, Jose Gonzalez, confronted an usher, asking why they were being ejected.

The usher looked at me and said, 'You don't speak English, get the fuck out of here,'" Gonzalez said. "He then looked at my wife and said, 'You look like you speak English, why are you with them?'"

The usher has been suspended while the team looks into the incident. No word on whether this will affect his career in diabetes commercials.

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