The 2018 World Cup has now commenced. Just because the USMNT blows and didn’t make the tournament, that’s no reason for you not to pay attention to the best sporting event on the planet. Here’s everything you absolutely must know about Group C, all in one neat little video.

France are one of the best and most entertaining teams in the whole tournament, so hopefully they put on a good show. Denmark have Christian Eriksen and he’s great, so we’ll be rooting for him and them to do well, too. Peru’s Paolo Guerrero has a nose for goals (among other things), so maybe he’ll make things interesting. And old man Tim Cahill getting a goal for Australia would be cool. A pretty good group all around.

If you’d like to know even more about these teams, check out our previews for each below. You can find the rest of our World Cup previews here.

Senior Producer, Kiran Chitanvis
Creative Producer, Anders Kapur
Creative Producer, Jorge Corona
Animator, Jacqui Robertson
Voice Over, Dom Cosentino