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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Way back in January 2006 (Did they have cell phones back then?), Duane "Bang" Ludwig scored a flash knockout of glass-jawed Jonathan Goulet at UFC Fight Night 3. Ludwig did it with one punch. He did it in four seconds, according to the official clock. That'd make it the fastest knockout in UFC history. And yet the Nevada State Athletic Commission recorded the fight as ending with an 11-second knockout, which meant Bang got screwed out of having one of the best taglines in the sport. Ludwig officially complained to the NSAC shortly after the fight.


Now he is officially complaining again. For the second time, he's lodged a request to shave seven seconds off his knockout. For the second time, the NSAC has contacted the Nevada Attorney General's Office to see if there's a legal basis for making the change. But Ludwig isn't leaving everything up to the bureaucrats. He's started a Facebook petition for "Duane Ludwig to recieve fast KO in UFC history." So far he has 5,622 likes. It's a regular Arab spring up in here.

[via MMA Junkie]

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