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Alright, Brett Favre Might Be Kind Of A Dick

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Amidst all the Brett Favre will he?/won't he?-coverage during the past two weeks, one topic that's come a lot is the status of his precious legacy in the eyes of his fans and the league. The Brett Favre purists and sycophants don't want to see Brett be "Willie Mays on the Mets" "Johnny Unitas on the Chargers" or "Manute Bol on The Miami Heat", etc.


He doesn't even need to step on the field to tarnish that legacy anymore. The Wisconsin State Journal printed the transcript from the second portion of Brett Favre's interview with Greta Van Susteren and Favre comes off like a man who's completely lost any and all human sensibility.

Some excerpts:

• "It's hard for me to trust this guy (Packs' GM Ted Thompson) when either I'm told one thing and everyone else is told another, or he's telling the public one thing and telling me another. ... That's part of the reason for (asking for) the release (from the Packers)."

• Favre also put his friend, offensive line coach James Campen, in a tough spot with the organization by saying his former teammate told him he could "force their hand" by applying for reinstatement and coming back to the team.

• When Van Susteren intimated during the aired portion of the interview that Aaron Rodgers, whom the Packers have backed publicly as their 2008 starting quarterback, probably won't stay healthy after suffering injuries the past two seasons, Favre replied, "I do feel bad for Aaron a little bit."

• Favre also acknowledged that he hasn't talked to Rodgers and that, "I never gave him advice, really."

"I know this has been tough on him," Favre said of Rodgers. "And this has nothing to do with him, this whole deal. If they want to make (me) a backup ... how does that protect my legacy if I'm a backup? If (they say), 'Brett, we'll welcome you back, we'll pay you $12 million, but you've got to hold the clipboard and ball cap?' That's probably better for them as opposed to letting me go somewhere and me coming back (with another team). Then their legacy, the management, would, you know, could be in jeopardy."


• "Ted (Thompson) and I, I thought, have always had a good relationship. We don't talk a whole lot, we don't go out and eat and shoot the bull. But on three different occasions ... I don't want to say (he) lied - I think that's kind of a harsh word - but I think 'untruth' or whatever is (a) better (word)."

He's a gunslinger...he's just a little kid having fun out there...he's a pretty special guy.


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