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Also, It's More Difficult To Sexually Harass A Tap

Bugs & Cranks finds the world's most important invention, through the Associated Press of all places, since the opposable thumbs. It's a beer tap right there at your table.

It actually automatically tallies your total at the end of the night, which is outstanding and definitely asking for trouble.


It's currently being used at a bar in Atlanta, and it works.

A waitress must first check IDs before turning on the tap. When the digital ticker counting each ounce hits 180 — or about three pitchers — the taps shut off until a server comes by to check on the table. Bigger parties keep servers running back and forth fairly often, while it's rarer for smaller groups to hit the limit.

Now, if only we could all get one of these for home.

Possibly The Greatest Invention Of This Millennium [Bugs And Cranks]

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