Alyssa Milano Makes A New Friend

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This might seem like an odd thing for us to say, but we don't actually hate Alyssa Milano's blog. Pseudo TV starlets who once played Schwarzenegger's daughter in Commando don't necessarily do it for us anymore, but, well, it's not every day you read the phrase "Butterflies in my tummy" on a baseball blog. Her heart, strangely, seems in the right place; we think she really does love baseball. Tough to argue with that.

But her recent entry from the All-Star Game reveals something incredibly disturbing: She's become mystical best pals with Dmitri Young.

I got to meet Dmitri Young. He isn't built for power. He isn't built for speed. He is built for comfort and has the loveliest way about him. You can tell he has overcome a lot and was truly ecstatic to be there. ...

... When Dmitri got back to the dugout, he looked up in the stands, we made eye contact and he pumped both fists in the air. He then started dancing to the music. And I danced, too.


We're not sure we're ready to live in a world in which Dmitri Young — Dmitri Young! — and Alyssa Milano are best pals. Stay out of the Detroit hotel rooms, Alyssa, and, oh yeah, look out for his brother. boom bitch


He's built for comfort!

My All-Star Game [*touch* em all]