Amanda Kessel Says Her Brother Phil Doesn't Actually Love Hot Dogs That Much

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U.S. women’s hockey player and 2018 Olympic gold medalist Amanda Kessel delivered a bombshell today regarding her NHL brother Phil, who has a history with tubed meats: Her older sibling isn’t as avid a hot dog fan as he’s been reported to be.

Phil, who currently plays for the Penguins, had a tumultous stint with the Maple Leafs. After Kessel was traded, Toronto Sun columnist Steve Simmons wrote that Phil enjoyed a daily street hot dog. When Pittsburgh won the Stanley Cup last season, Kessel used his day with the trophy to fill it up with franks and take a little jab at Simmons. Add all of this up with the fact that Phil looks like a guy who enjoys hot dogs, and it became an amusing characteristic for a top athlete at his sport.


According to Phil’s sis, it’s all a sham.

“I gotta put it out there: Phil does not really love to eat hot dogs,” Amanda said in an online Q&A. “He does eat hot dogs, sometimes maybe on the golf course, but no, he does not love to eat hot dogs.”


However, Amanda said she could defeat her brother in a hot dog eating contest.


Only one way to settle this.