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American Hero Roger Goodell Makes The Ultimate Salary Sacrifice

Sure, the NFL lockout may or may not survive a players' injunction seeking to prevent ownership from doing so. Little matter. Little surprise. But today, Commissioner Roger Goodell slashed his salary from $10 million annually with bonuses to $1. Just like he had promised should a lockout be imposed.

Goodell also has asked the league's compensation committee to delay any bonus payments to him until there is a deal with the players' union.

Also taking cuts will be all league personnel at the New York headquarters, NFL Films in Mount Laurel, N.J., and at NFL Network and in Culver City, Calif. For now, salaries for those league employees will be reduced by 12 percent, an amount equal to two weeks' pay. []


He's just like those of us who have millions stashed away to feel empowered enough to engage in a public-relations ploy.

Goodell, Pash slice salaries to $1 during lockout [NFL]

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