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American Patriot Tim Howard Thinks Soccer Ceremonies In America Should Be Conducted In American English

Your morning roundup for June 26, a day after a man who lost his arm to a rocket in Afghanistan caught a foul ball.

What we watched: Mexico defeated America 4-2 in the Gold Cup finals at the Rose Bowl last night. The "visitors" scored four unanswered goals after the #USMNT took a two-goal lead in the 22nd minute. At first, head coach Bob Bradley looked to be the prophet for starting Freddy Adu and putting Landon Donovan way up top to attack. Later, the hues and cries for Bradley's head returned.

Here are a couple reasons why the Fire Bradley folks should just hush now: Mexico may well be the superior side; if they aren't, they were after defender Steve Cherundulo left the game after being "caught in a tackle" really early thus leaving America vulnerable to the type of quick, gifted attacks that won the match; and, the game could easily have been 4-4, and bound for extra time, had coach's son Michael Bradley's rocket been about three yards to the left and Clint Dempsey's three inches lower. Besides, Jose Mourinho doesn't want the job until his kids are of go-to-college-in-America age.

With breaks going as they did and the rosters being what they were on the pitch, Mexico unquestionably earned the victory, and the ceremony which followed. (You can see the goals here, here and here). And that's where goalkeeper Tim Howard enters the story.

Still stinging from the Americans' 4-2 defeat, Howard ripped organizers for a ceremony designed to cater to what obviously was a pro-Mexican crowd. He emerged from the U.S. locker room and approached a group of reporters, and Sporting News asked the first question. It concerned the game and Mexico's glut of young, talented players.

Howard responded with this:

"CONCACAF should be ashamed of themselves. I think it was a (expletive) disgrace that the entire post-match ceremony was in Spanish. You can bet your (butt) if we were in Mexico City it wouldn't be all in English."


Ah, the old caught-up-in-emotions "This is America, speak English" angle. Nice. But whatever. Is what it is. America lost. Howard was pissed. And last time I checked, bilingual means separate but equal translation. Rock, flag and eagle.

Anyway, there were 26 arrests at the Rose Bowl, mostly for public intoxication. Fin.


What we're watching: Well, there isn't much on today. Women's World Cup. Travelers Championship. Recommendation: Go outside and pray to the heavens that the mighty Pittsburgh Pirates complete their sweep of the Red Sox. [Post-Gazette]



"Balkin' Bob" Davidson gets the win: Bottom of the seventh. Giants up. Bases loaded on a throwing error, fielding error and walk. Indians reliever Tony Sipp on the mound. Emmanuel Burriss at bat. Sipp slightly flinches. Umpire Bob Davidson sees, and calls, a balk. The only run of the game plates. After the game, someone asks Burriss, "How goofy was that inning?" Burriss retorts, "Probably no goofier than this season." [San Francisco Chronicle]


David Price's public poo problem: At the bidding of a Twitter follower/questioner, the Tampa Bay pitcher copped to pooing his pants since he was 10 and intimates that every 25-year-old out there has done so. [Twitter]


Pursuit of double digits: Pitchers Cole Hamels (Phillies), Jair Jurrjens (Braves), CC Sabathia (Yankees) and Justin Verlander (Tigers) all took the mound yesterday seeking their 10th wins of the season. These three did. This one didn't: [Inquirer]

Always be closing: "When the final yellow came out, Sorenson was actually in second place, behind the No. 31 of Justin Allgaier. But Allgaier's car ran out of gas and couldn't make it back to the finish line. That led to a bizarre chase behind the pace car to the finish between Sorenson and Ron Fellows, followed by a video replay." [Green Bay Press Gazette]


Michigan hoops recruit critically injured in second plane crash of his life: Austin Hatch, 16, of Fort Wayne, Ind., was in critical condition Saturday in a northern Michigan hospital after the Friday evening crash that killed his father, Dr. Stephen Hatch, and his stepmother, Kim. Austin and his pilot father had survived a 2003 crash that killed Austin's mother and two siblings. "He never talked about (the previous crash) one time," said Dan Kline, the basketball coach at Canterbury School in Fort Wayne, Ind. "I'm sure he carried it inside." [AP]

Your Freestyle Canoe Interlude:

"He is still the primary suspect in this case": Giovanni Ramirez, the man suspected of brutally beating a Giants fan at the Dodgers home opener, has been transferred to a state prison in San Diego to serve a 10-month sentence for a parole violation. [KTLA]

Neymar in "shocking mass brawl": After Santos (Brazilian) defeated Penarol (Uruguayan) in the finals of South America's version of the UEFA Champions League, a brawl broke out in which Neymar, the "£40million-rated Brazil superstar" sought by Chelsea and Real Madrid, could be seen kicking a floored rival. [The Sun]

Brazilian soccer player has had enough of racist, banana-throwing Russian fans: "I'm outraged by the sickening behavior of this fan, who, in fact, insulted not only me but all the players," a disappointed Roberto Carlos told Sport Express. "I hope the Russian federation, Uefa and Fifa will give an adequate evaluation to this disgusting incident." [Metro UK] (Last two entries H/T Tomuban)


We are all Dave McKenna CXXXVII: Here's your daily link to Dave McKenna's brilliant "Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder," which we'll be posting until the Redskins owner apologizes to each and every fan of the team for what he's done to their beloved franchise.

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