An Alternate Definition Of "Dress For Success"

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There's going to be a whole bunch of men in drag on Bourbon Street tomorrow, none of whom will be spiffier than Bobby Hebert, wearing one of his daughter's sequined creations. It's called the "Mu Dat Nation Mumu."


What else do we know about this evening-wear? It's a mini-length mumu meant to be accompanied with a slip underneath. Said slip will be either lingerie or flapper girl, the latter of which his daughter, Cammy Lynn, prefers for its flexibility while dancing. Hebert's wife is searching for appropriate hose, and his daughter is advocating for fishnets. The dress, in short, will be "very flashy, over the top" and is best described as "very Who-Dat-esque."

I have no idea what any of this means. Halp?

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