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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

And Along Came A Rapper Named B-Slim To Seize The Mantle Of Shame From Sad Jayhawk

When the calendar struck March 27, 2011, and the University of Kansas Jayhawks fell to the VCU Rams, a CBS cameraman ensured that Matt Rissien would thenforth be known as Sad Jayhawk.


To his credit, Rissien embraced this title. He said he'd have had it no other way. If he thought that the burden of sad fan would last a lifetime, he was wrong. It did not even last a full 11 months.

This, thanks to "B-Slim aka @PolarizedCandy ft. @Belowzer0" and their song "Runner-Up." It's really bad. So bad that even fat Bruno Mars disguised as Super Mario does not redeem.

Runner-Up [YouTube] (H/T Wayne S. and Jason H.)