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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

And At Week's End, The First Chapter In The Caitlin Davis Penis-Drawing Kerfluffle Comes To A Close

Illustration for article titled And At Weeks End, The First Chapter In The Caitlin Davis Penis-Drawing Kerfluffle Comes To A Close

The story of young Ms. Caitlin Davis is a sad one, as the once wholesome New England Patriots' cheerleader went from budding pom-pom sweetheart of Foxboro to loathsome alleged Anti-Semite, both nationally and internationally, in a short period of time. (So sayeth the Italians: "Caitlin nei fotogrammi tiene in mano un pennarello e questo lascia intendere che i grafitti sul ragazzo li abbia fatti lei." Exactly. ) But these are the unfortunate circumstances that befall a cheerleader partially employed by one of the most famous sports franchises in the world. One minute, you're just posing for a photo in front of a passed out friend, next thing you know you're scrambling for an explanation on TMZ. Oh, and of course, the aftermath of the incident becomes problematic to your husband-to-be, who is deployed overseas. Below, find the email that Ms. Davis' boyfriend fired off to myself, Gawker's managing editor and, most surprisingly, Gawker's legal department soon after this whole thing exploded. Enjoy. It's Friday.[Sic'd] How are you guys doing? My name is [redacted]and I am a currently deployed US Marine. I am writing you on behalf of my Fiancé, she is a New England Patriots cheerleader whom you made a bullshit story up about. My time with her on the phone is extremely valuable to me, so when I call her and she is complaining and upset about this story you guys posted, it really pisses me off. I love this girl to death and you are making her already stressful life even more stressful which is pissing me off and that's not good. I am asking you to take down this post as a favor for me, I am trying not to be a dick about it but I promise that if if this isn't taken care of I will be home in a couple of months and I promise you won't like the outcome. The fact that you took a picture from a night of fun and drinking and turned it around on her to make her seem like the bad guy is fucked up, you guys are true American dooshbags and obviously weren't loved enough or raised right by your dad because you don't respect anyone. You think your all high and mighty because you're a fucking nerd and can't live your own life so you make shit up. I can promise you that if she continues to be hurt by this, than you won't like it when I retrun stateside, I am in love wit this girl and your hurting the one I love so y ou can only expect me to do the same but in a bigger manner and far worse. I am trying not to lose my cool here but you guys really fucked up and I am asking you to fix it. But the ball is in your court since I'm deployed I cannot take any other action, just know I am not the only one out here who is going to be acting on this.


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