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And It's A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

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I have to laugh at everyone who contends that God, Mother Nature, Snow Miser or whomever is cursing the Phillies with this rainout business. For a quick read on why we're still playing Game 5 of the World Series more than 24 hours after it should have ended, just check the calendar. It's nearly freakin' November, people. Instead of blaming Jesus, let's just admit that baseball season is about a month too long ... we're all lucky that rain is the only thing we're facing. Or need I remind you of another weather-related disaster that began on this date in history? Here's what they're saying out in the ether about the whole carnsarned mess ...Phillies/Rays World Series Game Five Will Forever Be Remembered As Raingate, Unless . . . . Whoever made the decisions clearly wanted the game to be called without the Phillies in the lead. And even if it wasn't a conscious decision, it sure seemed that way to the 45,000 fans at Citizens Bank Park. Why were we left to drown in 40 degree weather when our team was up at the end of regulation play? Why was our ace forced to take the mound again when no human being could possibly control what happened with the ball? Why wasn't the game called when it was clear that the weather was only getting worse? No doubt 45,000 fans thought it was to make sure that there was no possible argument that the World Series should go to the Phillies since they were leading after regulation. By tomorrow morning, the rage in those fans and the rest of the Phillies Nation will be enormous. Bud Selig better not show his face in any public place in Philadelphia in the near future. [The Good Phight] • That Just Happened. If there was ever a time for Carlos Pena and Evan Longoria to get their first three combined hits, it was tonight. Despite poor umpiring and awful conditions somehow 3-4-5 in the Rays lineup came through for just enough to push this game back for who knows how long. I don't know how B.J. Upton beat both throws while running on mud, but my goodness he is awesome. [DRays Bay] • This Ugly Series Is Anything But Classic. Basically the Rays dodged a major bullet. Hamels, who is due up in the sixth when the game resumes, is likely done for the season, his magical run washed out by a freak of Mother Nature. And if anybody doesn’t think the Rays are going to A.) win this game when it resumes and B.) possibly take the whole thing, obviously you’ve never seen a Disney sports movie. [Bugs And Cranks] • Game 5 Postponed At 2-2 Tie. Frankly, this is a black eye for baseball, and especially for Selig, who has once again proved incompetent as leader of this organization. The game should’ve been stopped before the sixth. Throw out the rulebook. This is the World Series. And it’s ridiculous — absolutely freakin’ ridiculous that this whole charade took place so late. [Phillies Nation] • Play Called Until Tuesday With Score Knotted 2-2. An unfortunate turn of events, but it needed to be called when it was. Fans may not want to hear it, but with a 3-1 series lead, a great pen and 12 outs to play with, the Phils are still in decent shape to wrap it up in five. That's what this team must remember when they step back on the field tomorrow against a Tampa team that was basically given CPR by Mother Nature and Major League Baseball. But of course, the forecast for tomorrow is even worse. [Beer Leaguer] • Phillies Fans Prematurely Planning Victory Parade. Sure, after a rather convincing win in game 4, the Phillies are on the verge. And while nothing’s over till it’s over (if the Rays hitters decide to show up, they may come back), the world is already bracing for the (seemingly) inevitable. In fact, people are already making plans for the parade: “phillies parade” is the #6 search term being googled in the country. [UmpBump] Photo: Philadelphia Daily News

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