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And It's Like Nothing Ever Happened ... Presto!

So, now that the 9-1-1 call from publicist extraordinare Kim Etheredge has been made public and now that the police have ruled the incident an "accidental overdose," well, everything's back to normal now, right?

Strangely, insanely, yeah, it kind of is. Owens is back to "questionable" for the game against Tennessee on Tuesday, he's talking mostly about his hand and everyone seems to have moved onto the Cardinals' collapse as the big story in sports. This, only two days after every news outlet in the country was running breaking news based off a perfectly valid police report.


It's worth noting that the police's downgrading of the incident was not an admission of any kind of mistake by the police; far from it, in fact. But it's clear that Winston Wolf and the cleanup crew is in full force, so quickly after an incident that's always going to be shrouded in mystery and doubt.

Remember that trainer who went off message yesterday and expressed his sincere concern for Owens' well being? Well, Owens fired him yesterday. And all is clean, and it's time to focus on the field boys, and jeez, what was all the fuss about anyway?

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