Two surprising things about this item: 1. It didn't happen in Long Island, and 2. It wasn't featured in any of the Porky's movies. Other than that, hey, I stopped being shocked at the antics of youth sports parents and coaches long ago.

A youth soccer coach went to the middle of a sports field in Windsor after a contentious match and pulled down his pants, exposing his buttocks to his opponents — a team of 14 and 15-year-old girls, authorities said today.

Several of the girls (more accurately, their parents) were so offended by the lunar sighting that they called the cops, and now the DA's office is currently deciding whether to prosecute. It all depends on the context, I suppose. Youth soccer coach mooning 15-year-old girls equals bad. Joe Gibbs mooning Belichick for running up the score equals hero.

Girls Soccer Coach Suspended After Exposing Himself [SFGate]