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And Just Like That, The NFL Returns

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Hey, everybody, there was football yesterday!

In the annual Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio, the Eagles and the Raiders played each other. We find it rather pointless to mention the score, or the winner, because it's an exhibition game, and the only people who care about the score are a bunch of very sad men in dark glasses and visors, sitting in the Rio sports lounge, thinking about how someday, if the circumstances were exactly right, maybe their children will talk to them again. (Damn wife fills their head with LIES.)


Anyway, The Hater Nation has a nice roundup of the day, including a great Cris Collinsworth interview with the Manning brothers. (Man, NBC is bringing out the big guns early; at this rate, they'll resurrect Tom Landry for a playoff halftime show.) We don't quite share their dislike of Madden — he might be old and blustery, but we still think there's a humanist quality that's overlooked sometimes — but we like that, after one quarter of one exhibition game, someone's already asking, "Is it too soon to label the Aaron Brooks era a bust?" Nope. Never too early!

Post Mortem [The Hater Nation]

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