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If you're just now learning of this story, I'll guess that there's something caught in your eye; just like there was with me when I first read it. Dang grass pollen allergy season.

It's kind of unfortunate that the NBA is marketing this with their little "NBA Cares" logo and sugary background music, like Wade was sent to the kid's house to boost the league's image. This story doesn't need any help, Stern. Just let it happen. Michael Stolzenberg is an 8-year-old Miami-area boy who almost died from a bacterial infection caused by an insect bite this past summer. Michael, the starting quarterback on his youth football team and an avid basketball player, had both his hands and feet amputated due to the illness.


The Heat heard of the efforts to raise money for Michael's rehabilitation, and Wade visited the boy in his Weston home. Then, during the Heat's game with the Grizzlies on Monday, the magic happened. When Wade's shot at the buzzer beat Memphis in overtime, he knew what he wanted to do. Michael was at the game, and Wade gave the boy his jersey.

"I knew where he was sitting, so when I caught his eye and saw him smile right back, it's great," Wade said. "It didn't matter at that time, the connection that we had, it didn't matter who was looking. It was just us."

"He lights you up, the smiles on his face. He seems so happy," Wade said. "Everything that's happened to him is unfortunate. But he lights you up. He makes you feel good. He's a kid I've had a relationship with for a while. I've been to his room. He has everything already in there, and I wanted to add to it."


You've added a lot more than a jersey, my friend.

Damned airborne particles ..

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Michael Stolzenberg Trust

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