And Now, An Outrageous Throw From Mookie Betts


If you, like me, find yourself yearning for a throw that did not result in an interception tonight, I give you this Mookie Betts outfield assist from Boston’s game against Tampa Bay, which is so cool it should be illegal.


In the sixth inning, Avisail Garcia doubled deep down the right field line and drove in Ji-Man Choi to put the Rays up 7-4. But when an unsuspecting Garcia tried stretching the hit for a triple, Betts launched an absolute howitzer from the warning track. Per MLB Statcast, the ball traveled 305 feet in the air—no bounces!—and plopped into the glove of third baseman Rafael Devers.

Afterward, he made this very good What, like it’s hard? face:

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The Red Sox ended up losing 7-4, they’re officially eliminated from postseason contention, and it seems increasingly unlikely Betts stays in Boston for much longer. But hey, that was fun.