Photo: Nick Wass (AP)

I am always up for images of sports fans celebrating a championship—the euphoria is contagious, especially when it’s a fan base that hasn’t tasted the glory of a title in a good long while. For a nice appetizer, here’s the celebration on the ice:

Caps fans were heavily represented in the crowd in Las Vegas, but the real concentration of fans was in the blocks immediately surrounding the home arena in D.C. It was quite a scene:

I am very much enjoying this happy woman telling Las Vegas to “eat our shit.”

The roar and movement of this next one are amazing:


This one features a wonderfully busted aluminum foil Stanley Cup being hoisted in triumph:

Poles were climbed, because of course they were!


I get the sense the real scene was outside, but if you preferred a comfy seat and were willing to endure a Washington Mystics game, there was a more formal watch party inside the arena, where the celebration was no less enthusiastic. I particularly enjoy the ear-splitting caterwauling of the gentleman in this video:


A successful dude-bro high five here:

This delightful woman screams herself completely hoarse in like three seconds:


Total bedlam:

And, finally, some lovely singing:


It’s all downhill from here, sports fans.