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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

And Now Peter Gammons Is Launching His Own Site

Illustration for article titled And Now Peter Gammons Is Launching His Own Site

Enter Peter Gammons into the land of Simmons and King. Gammons is getting his own website—called Gammons Daily—and is launching, curiously, late in the season and basically out of nowhere. The site is supposed to be live sometime this week.


Unlike Grantland and MMQB—financed by ESPN and Sports Illustrated, respectively—Gammons is getting money from TruMedia, an outfit that calls itself "an engineering firm with a focus on sports analytics." They do, among other things, graphics for broadcasts.

There's a signal that the Gammons site may not be all that well-financed. Gammons and TruMedia apparently need some further support, Sports Business Daily reports:

But Gammons and TruMedia Networks are conducting an online crowdfunding campaign, using the Indiegogo platform, to help support the initiative. Donors to through Indiegogo will have access to a daily ebook, Google Hangouts, personal thank-you tweets, gift cards and other prizes.


A sample thank-you tweet: AS c. C FFA ac tttt c Ch Aa c c c u. Yf g. Ft fg ajtta

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