And Now The Bill Cosby-Erin Andrews Comedy Minute

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This is what happens when you try to put on 15 hours of continuous live coverage of an inherently boring event. Like there weren't already enough senile old men rambling at NFL Live desk.

In a moment of late-round brevity that Erin Andrews will almost certainly regret, she tried to simultaneously interview Texas wideout Quan Cosby and former pudding aficionado Bill Cosby during Day 2 of the NFL Draft. Bill invited Quan to hang out with him on draft day because ... they have the same last name. That's it. They aren't related at all and they went to two different schools, but don't try to make sense of it.

Click to viewDo you think Bill Cosby is putting on his loony old man persona as an act or is he really just losing his mind? If you knew he was doing it on purpose in an effort to get laughs, would that make it sadder?


By the way, Quan did not even get drafted, reminding us once again that the struggle of life—much like live seventh-round coverage—is futile.

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