And Now We're Going To Return To The Classics

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From my man Eric Nusbaum:

After attending his first ballgame at the Houston Astrodome in 1966, Roger Angell wrote that indoor baseball "turned out to be the same old game, the same game as ever." Baseball can take a person anywhere: from the inside of a giant concrete dome, to the battlefields of World War I, to Central Park on a hot summer day; with imagination, it can even take you to an Edward Jones Financial office in Coppell, Texas. But it remains more or less the same old game.


Our third The Classical Magazine — and the first baseball only issue so far — features a starting lineup of nine pieces by nine great writers with nine unique approaches to the game. It takes you to all the places listed above, and a great deal more. The artwork, led by Craig Robinson's brilliant cover piece, is killer, too.

The magazine is called The Same Old Game, and I'm super proud to have edited it. I hope you read it. I hope you share it.

You can read The Same Old Game a few different ways. The most highly recommended, if you're an Apple user, is to get our app: it's free to download the app, $3.99 for the one issue, or $29.99 for a year (12 issues). Otherwise, we have PDF, Kindle, and .Puig files available DIY style at the same prices. Just get in touch with Pete Beatty at to work out a transaction.

Here's the starting lineup

The Eighth Wonder by Ted Walker

Six Avant-Garde Plays Featuring Corey Kluber by Carson Cistulli

Go Leafs Go by Sam Riches

The Secret History of Sabermetrics by Jack Moore

The Style of Pablo Sandoval; or, the Irrationality of Baseball by Eric Freeman

162 by Pete Beatty

Selig: Interim Commissioner for Life by Rob Iracane and Kris Liakos

1 is the Loneliest Position by Patrick Dubuque

Pete Alexander: As Far as I can Go by TIm Marchman