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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

And So It Begins ...

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Prepare for the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments: The Yankees have passed the Red Sox in the American League East. With only 11 games left to go — and an ominous three-game set at Fenway to end the season — we have yet another chapter of Yankees-Red Sox drama. Please do not accuse of East Coast bias for bringing this up; we understand that non-East Coast sports fans look forward to another onslaught of Yankees-Red Sox coverage the way Gulf Coasters are looking forward to Hurricane Rita. Christ ... again?


As you could probably predict, the Red Sox world is losing its collective mind, a condition we'd have a little bit more sympathy for had, you know, last year not happened. A few selected tidbits:

• "The kind of pained scream you make when you watch someone pull the wrong wire out of a bomb, and you just know all is lost." ([Red Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory]
• "It isn t the end of the world, is it?" [Keep Your Sox On]
• "This was just a sick, sick loss, exploiting some of the worst features of the 2005 team." [Surviving Grady]
• "Really, I mean it's not like we're at war with a bunch of jihadist whack jobs or anything. So the Red Sox are in second place behind the Yankees. It's not like we're about to have a global avian flu epidemic or anything." [Soxaholix]
• "The Choke's on Us." [Boston Dirt Dogs]

So yeah. Two more weeks of this. Enjoy!

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