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And, Somehow, The Philadelphia Eagles Will Meet The Buzzsaw In The NFC Championship

Remember that short story from high school English about the hanging soldier who miraculously escapes death? And just as he's seemingly finally escaped back to the waiting arms of his wife, he's cruelly thrust back into the grim reality of the tightening noose? The narrow escape was only a dream. I still feel like I might be napping during the Redskins game and I'm going to wake up and the Eagles will still be almost mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

This isn't a popular Eagles team. There weren't incredibly high expectations in the beginning of November. Andy was all but gone. Donovan was benched. It was tear down, rebuild, and scatter the ashes from the Era of Almost in the wind. Yet, remarkably, it's back to the NFC Championship game for the 5th time.


Obviously this game takes on an odd personal and metaphorical significance this time around given the opponent. In some way, this is Baby Mangino versus Buzz Bissinger all over again. Thankfully, no votes will decide this outcome.

Congratulations to the Buzzsaw. This should be interesting.

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