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And The Barbaro Message Boarders Got Mad At US!

As much fun as we had had with the Barbaro Message Board denizens, we have never directly called for Barbaro's death. Perhaps if there were some sort of global famine — maybe if the world were attacked by zombies or something — we would need, for survival's sake, to carve up Barbaro's hindquarters and serve them to our brave anti-zombie warriors, but otherwise, we're for the big guy hanging on. To put it delicately, we're not sure some people could handle it.


But some say the humane thing is to let Barbaro go.

"Any other horse would have been put down weeks or months ago," Dr. David Zipf, veterinarian for the Maryland Racing Commission, was quoted as saying in the Baltimore Sun a week ago. But Zipf noted that Barbaro, despite his travails, is still eating and alert and interested in the fillies — behavior that is not indicative of a young colt that has given up on life.

For the record, we know plenty of people who are interested in fillies and have still given up on life. A LOT.

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