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And The Lieutenant Governor Could Be Mini Ditka

I'd like to think that the current Mike Ditka for Governor of Illinois movement isn't just a scheme to sell T-shirts and coffee mugs, but I'm not so sure. Just look at their site.

Not that Ditka wouldn't be a good choice to end corruption in the state; just look at the way he courageously spoke the truth about America's clogged sewer systems. But if chosen, would he run?

No word from the tough-talking Ditka about the governor's office. Though he campaigned for Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin in the presidential election, Da Coach balked at the opportunity to run against Barack Obama in the 2004 Senate race because he didn't want to go through the rigors of a campaign or abandon his lucrative businesses.


Although many say that the reason Ditka didn't run was that he would have been beaten soundly, and he didn't want any part of that. At any rate, I've seen Ditka play golf, and he just loves it; he's out on the course with a big cigar and a bigger grin, just loving life. No way would he give that up for politics.

Although the two aren't mutually exclusive, I guess.

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