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And Then The Woodpeckers Arrived, And Suddenly It Was All Over

It's the story you've heard so many times before: Your local university wants to expand its athletic facilities, but construction is thwarted because there are naked people living in the trees. Cal's plan to cut down a grove of oak trees on campus to build a $125 million athletic training center has been stopped by tree-sitters for the past six months. A judge has granted a temporary injunction due to the fact that the project is on a fault line.

There was a big protest on Saturday in which many people got naked — we're still not really sure why — and got their pictures taken frolicking in and around the trees (somehow we don't see this happening at Duke). Sadly though, as Every Day Should Be Saturday pointed out, it's always the wrong people who seem to get naked at these things. Then there was this:

About a hundred curious onlookers gathered as the activists stripped down, and some broke out cameras and even camcorders to record the event for posterity or other reasons. A few burly young men wore clothing emblazoned with the words "Stanford Rugby." The team lost to Cal Saturday, 83-0.


The world would never have known of the mighty ass-kicking you received, Stanford, had you not decided to check in on the naked tree party afterwards.

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