Andre Miller is 941 years old and has been in the NBA longer than it has existed; his first career assist, as a matter of fact, was a pocket bounce-pass to a rolling Chester Arthur for a two-handed jam. In all the years since, Gramps has learned a few tricks to augment his nonexistent athleticism, and he whipped out a few choice ones for this gorgeous and hilarious old-man bucket in the fourth quarter of the Wizards' blowout of the Heat.

Lookit that old-man bucket! The stiff knees, the hunched back, the ball-fake that doesn't quite fool Chris Bosh so much as it embarrasses him into a state of immobility, like when you watch a Boomer Dad play air-guitar to an REO Speedwagon track and are frozen in pity and horror, rooted to the spot. This is great old-man basketball.

Long live Andre Miller. May he school these goldang kids for all eternity.