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Andrelton Simmons Is Even Better In Person

Andrelton Simmons made an incredible defensive play last night, which isn't really news at this point, but this one in particular is notable because it just so happened to be a game-saving play.


Also, I was at this game, and I feel like it's necessary to talk about just how much more fucking badass a play like this looks in person. I was sitting up the first-base line, just beyond the bag, and had a clear view of the entire play as it unfolded. When you see a play like this on TV or in a highlight, what you're really seeing is just the play in its component parts. The ball comes off the bat, the camera cuts to Simmons ranging to his right before making his leaping throw, and then the camera clunkily tracks to ball across the infield before tightening the shot on the first baseman.

When you see a play like this in person, though, you get to take in the whole thing all at once, and it's really something. You get to see just how much ground Simmons had to cover before even getting his glove on the ball. You get to see how fast a major-league batter can eat up 90 feet of base path, and you might wonder how any shortstop ever throws anyone out. But then Simmons, airborne, whips the ball toward you, and you get to watch it scream toward first base against the backdrop of the entire field, which is huge, and wow, Andrelton Simmons threw that from really far away. You get to see all of this happen in a matter of seconds, and then you notice that Simmons landed just in front of the third-base line.

Anyway, go see Andrelton Simmons play in person.