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Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons has a habit of not just making spectacular defensive plays, but making spectacular defensive plays that you've never quite seen before. Last night against the Marlins, he did his thing again.


At first glance, this play doesn't look like all that much, just Simmons awkwardly reaching back toward the hole for a sharp grounder before flopping his glove on second to salvage one out from what should have been a double play. But stick around for the replay, and you'll see how great it really was.

The Marlins put on a perfect hit-and-run play, dragging Simmons out of the hole and toward second base to cover the runner, but because Simmons is a ridiculous human who can throw his entire body in two different directions in a split second, the whole thing got blown up. He may have even doubled the runner at first if he'd just gotten a good grip on the ball.

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