Andrew Bynum Is Disgruntled

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Andrew Bynum attempting a three on a meaningful possession was funny to most of us, hilarious even. Bynum pouting on the bench and refusing to join the huddle was even better. A mutinous Lakers star pulling a power move on his hapless coach, and Kobe Bryant wasn't involved? The Lakers are the best.


Bynum has tipped too far into the "open rebellion" column for the Lakers, and they're trying to make a statement and an example. Los Angeles has fined Bynum an undisclosed amount for a litany of transgressions, ranging from playing music too loud in the locker room to blowing off a meeting with Mitch Kupchak to the all-around sin of "acting disrespectfully to teammates and members of the coaching staff."

The last straw might have come Sunday when Bynum told reporters he doesn't know what's said during time outs because he'd rather sit down and "get my Zen on."

A Lakers insider said the team hadn't suspended Bynum for his recent actions. Then he smiled faintly and added the word, "Yet."


Bynum had no comment yesterday, claiming to be unaware of the fine. He rolled into the Staples Center a half-hour after players were required to arrive, and didn't play in the Lakers' win over New Jersey because of a sprained ankle. At least, we'll take the team's word that it's a sprained ankle, and not a touch of the purple and gold flu.

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