We're a bit late on this, but alas:

Seems there's now a bit of a controversy over exactly which NFL team is favored among Death Row inmates facing an imminent demise. And we have to say, this latest development makes a lot more sense than talking about the Cleveland Browns.

Robert Comer never flinched Tuesday morning as he was injected with a lethal cocktail of drugs that put him to death. Comer took a picture of his daughter into the death chamber with him and seemed defiant as he smiled and maintained eye contact with his witnesses as drugs coursed through his body. His last words were "Go Raiders!" and with that, his smile slowly faded until he passed out.


We can only hope that when we face the great beyond, our final thoughts turn to Michael Huff. But seriously, is this going to become a trend? Because eventually they're going to run out of teams. And it would be sad if some poor wretch faced his final moments knowing that the only choices left were the Lions and the Buzzsaw.

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