Andrew Wiggins Dunking On Him Is A Metaphor For Kevin Love's Season

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Andrew Wiggins had one of his best game as a pro tonight against the team that drafted him first and then traded him away, punctuating his 27 points with this thundering tomahawk jam that Kevin Love—who Wiggins was traded for—wanted no part of. Of course, the Timberwolves lost by 20 because they aren't very good, but it has to be encouraging to see plays like this, considering "dribbling" and "creating for himself" were two of the biggest knocks on Wiggins coming out of college.

Kevin Love had a nice 20/10 game, but overall is having his worst (non-injury shortened) season since his sophomore campaign, with his per 36 minute numbers (not to mention efficiency) down almost across the board, and his defense looking just as awful as it always has. Meanwhile, Klay Thompson, the player the Warriors refused to give up for Love over the incredulous howls of many (including myself), has a good shot at being an All-Star in the loaded West.


The Cavaliers are starting to win consistently and have better figured out how to integrate all the different parts of their new roster, but if it doesn't work out and Wiggins develops into a star, expect to see this dunk over and over and over again.