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Andy Dalton Stunk And Then Got A Hat Thrown At Him

Photo credit: Gary Landers/AP

It’s almost impossible to have a conversation about the NFL that doesn’t include a discussion of how many bad quarterbacks are in the league. But something gets lost when focusing this talk on just the Scott Tolziens and Josh McCowns of the world, and that’s the reality that many NFL quarterbacks who are largely considered Good, simply by virtue of not being Scott Tolzien or Josh McCown, can in fact be very bad.

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton completed 16 of his 31 pass attempts against the Ravens yesterday, good for 170 yards. He tossed four interceptions and zero touchdowns, and generally looked like a guy with a very tenuous grip on his job. That’s not true, of course, because the Bengals committed themselves to Dalton with a six-year, $96 million deal, and the current backup quarterback is A.J. McCarron. Perhaps it was the reality of this situation that led some home fans to scream at Dalton and throw a hat at him as he walked off the field:


A question for the guy who yelled, “I want Carson back!” You sure about that?

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