Yesterday, in a small Montgomery County courtroom in a sleepy little ghetto-posing-as-the-suburbs called Norristown, Garrett Reid, 24-year-old son of Eagles' coach Andy Reid was sentenced to up to 23 months in jail stemming from his heroin-dazed car accident last January. In a revelatory moment, unfit for even the most pathetic of "Intervention" episodes, police also found a bag of 89 pills in his cell which he'd been storing in his rectum.

To make matters worse, the judge admonished the living situation at the Reid home, stating that they are "definitely a family in crisis" and likened the Reid home to a "drug emporium." Honestly, this judge is a cock. Regardless if he's right or wrong, these "kids" are 22 and 24-years-old. They're men. Drug-addled idiots, mind you, but still men. So, dressing down the Reids in a roomful of reporters is unfair, a little showy, and inappropriate. Especially during Cowboys week.


The Sad, Sad Saga of the Reid Brothers Continues [Fortress of Pillows]