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A reader sent in this old photo of almost-a-champion Andy Roddick playing beer pong at some young person function where they enjoy drinking and socializing. According to the reader, Roddick had a four-cup lead on the best beer pong player in the world before he became distracted and shockingly missed the table altogether with his next toss. This was the crucial, seminal moment where momentum shifted away from Andy. But Roddick hung in for as long as possible, and pushed his much more skilled opponent to the limit, setting up an amazing 30-shot back-and-forth when they each had one cup on the table. Roddick, exhausted, finally lost when his ball rattled off the side of the cup. Many who witnessed it said it was excruciating to watch, but were proud of how well Andy played. That still doesn't make the sting go away.


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