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Angels Just Can't Drive 55

Notes from a day in baseball:

The Attack Of Rally Monkey. Hey, look at this: An actual sports rivalry in Los Angeles. It seems to us that the Dodgers have always owned this town, treating Angels fans like members of The Hat Squad treated mobsters in the '40s. But the Angels are becoming relevant these days, and they're beginning to actually fight back. Look at this blog throw-down from over the weekend: From Halos Heaven ... "Our team has 6 players who have been on the roster since 2002. Our team has won a playoff series in recent memory. Our team has a ring from a year that Duran Duran was not at the forefront of Pop Culture. Our team has 51 more runs scored than their's after an offseason of being scolded by the Dodger, er, Los Angeles Times that we needed a big bat. (The Dodgers) are blue, they are bitter, they are bastards. What part of this is so difficult to comprehend that we would express shock and/or dismay at their hissing from a cornered-squirrel position. To go into their house and leave with anything less than a black eye, a fat lip and a well-pitched victory would cheapen how far they have sunk, how high we have risen and how terrible the house that Garvey seeded remains." And from LAist ... "I'm a Dodger die-hard. It's in my blood. So I can't like the Angels. But do you know who I hate even more? That jackass who was sitting behind me at the game today. He and his Angel ass-kissing buddy did not stop speaking throughout the entire game. They seriously thought they were placed on this earth to be the walking and talking media guides and for three and a half hours they didn't shut up once. They loudly spewed stats and facts at each other which seemed rather pointless since obviously the other one was painfully aware of GA's batting average this year given that they are both big Angels fans, but also because the damn batting average is posted on the DodgerVision screen for everyone in the stadium to see so the fact that they could quote it meant nothing at all. Morons." Ha. Baseball in LA is fun, maybe for the first time ever.


Oh Yeah, There Was A Game. Howie Kendrick and Orlando Cabrera each had three hits leading Los Angeles of Anaheim (we think that's right) over the Dodgers 10-4. The Angels dropped the opening game, then won the final two of the interleague series, giving them a 5-1 record against the Dodgers this season. The Angels have 44 wins, tied with the Red Sox for the most in baseball.

We Blame Bloomberg. We Don't Know Why. Like two ships passing in the night, the Yankees and Mets are going in opposite directions (and the Mets would be the Titanic). Alex Rodriguez hit his major league-leading 27th homer, Chien-Ming Wang came within one out of a complete game and the Yankees won the second Subway Series of the season with an 8-2 victory over the Mets. Johnny Damon and Jorge Posada also homered, as the Yankees won their 11th in their past 12 games. The Mets have lost 11 of 13.

Look Out, Mr. Peabody! What's this you say? Kevin Millwood in the win column? Marlon Byrd, a home run? Rangers 11, Reds 4, and yep, both of those things happened: Millwood's first win since April 13, and Byrd's first homer since July 4, 2006.

Well That Was Quick. Justin Verlander lost his no-hitter in the second inning, the Tigers going on to take a 7-4 win over the Phillies.

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