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Angry Cowboys Fan Fills Washing Machine With Explosives, Fires Rifle At It Just To Blow Up Tony Romo Jersey

Courtesy our friends over at the Dallas Observer, here's an example of the sort of responsible gun ownership we've come to expect from the Lone Star State. As a reaction to the Cowboys' disappointing season, one Dallas fan decided to "Get the shit off my Romo jersey" by sticking it in a washing machine filled with explosives, then firing a rifle at it. (It took him a few shots to hit the target.)


Come for the inquisitive young child witnessing this testament to wisdom! Stay for the redneckian "It gon'!" at the end! Blasting Tony Romo is the feel-good hit of the season. There's even a sequel titled Tony Romo Burnt After His Last Choking Incident:

[A Completely Reasonable Response to the Cowboys Season: Blowing Up a Washing Machine and Tony Romo Jersey]

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