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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Angry Readers Defend Brett Favre

Illustration for article titled Angry Readers Defend Brett Favre

When a story of this magnitude touches down, there are inevitably new visitors to the site. Some of them are nice and stay a while. Others just pop by to yell. Here are some emails from those lovely people.


31 Pieces Of Silver Split Between Us, Actually

Hey AJ. It's funny that this happened over 2 years ago and the story is coming out now??????? What motive could there be, other than to discredit the guy, and bring turmoil to his wife, and 2 daughters.

Jen Sterger is a slut. While she tries to come across as someone with "big boobs who has morals," ANYONE who poses nude, has other woman grabbing her breast from behind, is nothing more than a whore, and YOU are a little weak, pathetic weasel, who probably doesn't have 1 fragment of athletic ability in him.

You and your degenerate website are disgraceful and you will answer to God one day for the turmoil you and the tramp Jen Sterger have created for his family. And please, tell the trollop to stop with the "I was afraid of losing my job" routine. I'm sure we would have kept it by some other means.

If you have any balls and want to write back, I'd be more than happy to respond...[J]ust think, you earn a living by ruining other people's lives. Your famliy must be very proud of you.

How much were you and the slut paid? 30 pieces of silver? There is a place for you, and it's called Hell. Why don't you just hang yourself?.........You are such a coward.


Sue Was So Mad, She Emailed Twice

SUBJECT: WOW..Can't Believe You Guys: Putting these pictures of a penis on your web page disgusts me. Who cares if it is him...big deal. You are low life and always will be. The whole article is bull. Cant you find something else more appropriate to put on your web? — Sue J.

SUBJECT: (No subject): Putting these pictures of a penis on your web page disgusts me. Who cares if it is him...big deal. You are low life and always will be. The whole article is bull. Cant you find something else more appropriate to put on your web? — Sue J.


This Man Seems Downright Concerned For My Well-Being


I wanted to send you an e-mail full of hate and 4 letter words. I then figured you got that all the time. I just want to share the fact that I dont agree with what you do. I think you were the person in highschool trying to dig up dirt about everyone else that you were either jealous of, or just didnt like. At the end of the day, you spend your life trying to find and expose the faults of others, and broadcast them to the world. Thats sad. I hope you can find a more positive calling to your talents (im sure you have them). Every single one of us has our shortcomings, its just a shame you make a living shining a light on those, when im sure you have many of your own.

Best of luck...I hope something about this will make sense to you

Here Come The Asshats

WTF is with you ???

Way to wreck a guys Reputation.

I hope for your sake that that's him. If it's not SHAME ON YOU


My New Byline Will Be "El Turdo"

I heard about your Favre story on deadspin the other day, so I thought I would come and see.

This brewing scandal is just another example of something I've grown tired of: People who think they can take shots at anyone and get away with it under the guise of "journalism or freedom of the press". Whatever label or term fits. Am I for those ideas? Yes. Am I for people like you? Not really.

Remember Evil Knievel and Shelley Saltman? Got to love that. How about Hulk Hogan and Richard Belzer? Even better.

I guess the thing that gives me the shiver is the sheer gutlessness on your part. Why don't you investigate the child pornography scandal at the Pentagon? what about all the dead people in the wake of Bill and Hillary. And.....ah, fill in your own example. The answer is you will be found dead "having committed suicide", so you just don't want to take part.

You are the weakling who throws the stones, and then runs for cover behind their Mama and Papa legal team. The Turd. El Turdo.

If sports figures had a brain, they would start their own media outlet and have you and yours under investigation. 24 hour surveillance. Hey?...what exactly were you doing the other day? Remember when you saw that one chick? Remember that? Riggggggght???

So,...that's it forever. If you are thinking about writing a "fuck you email" back, don't bother because I already said it.


This Matt Has Quit Deadspin, Here's Why

You are just another example of why I hate the world we live in today. You're possibly destroying someone's family for personal and financial gain. You're basically a sleazy private investigator who puts their dirt on a website. Congrats, gumshoe, you're a scumbag. I bet when your parents knew you were going into journalism they didn't know you'd be paying people for dick picks. Saying this is news worthy is a complete joke, it's no better than assholes who sell a sextape with their famous ex. Think about his kids? Don't you care that his children have to live with this for the rest of their lives? If it even is him, does his behavior warrant this level of humiliation? Because he plays football it's OK for you to rip his family's heart out? Are the 15 minutes of fame worth it? Obviously you think so, which is sad. I couldn't live with myself, but I actually have a soul. I used to like your website and would visit it often. It's a shame because now I feel disgusted to enable such behavior. — Matt G.

Kyle Would Like To Help Destroy Deadspin, So He's Looking For Help

I completely commend and applaud the letter you wrote to deadspin. I do know and always have felt that these media outlets are a complete waste of resources, manpower and brainpower. Just as tabloid photo's are a complete waste of film. I am in fact a football fan myself, and really only paid attention to this story to see if the league will make sanctions. Other than that it is none of my business what Mr. Favre does with his cock and who he chooses to share the image of it with. It he was in violation of law, then prosecute him. If his wife is devestated by this news, my condolences Mrs. Favre, however million of marriages end on a regular basis, it is a part of life, and we all must move on. That being said, anything I can do to help you in your efforts to make deadspins life just a little less comfortable, especially because of the profits they will reap from this( being grossly underpaid myself at the moment), please let me know. While I do not expect that you and I will have some huge effect on the media conglomerates or that we will make a huge stride in reforming the types of stories reported, it would make my heart smile to know that one more bullshit slimey company has one more smiling, concerned citizen as a thorn in its side. — Kyle


And Now A Vaguely Threatening Email From Someone Who Probably Works At Bleacher Report

I have some information for you regarding BF and your most recent string of investigations into misbehavior on his part.
Be assured, I am going to fucking ruin you in exactly the same way you are actively pursuing the demolition of a man's life and career. You can investigate me and the information I'm about to give you very carefully.
I would just like to propose to you that your personal health and ability to feed and bathe yourself may be more valuable than your most recent "career" endeavors. If you do not stop this thing dead in its tracks over the weekend, you find yourself living a debilitated existence.
Feel free to investigate me, trace my e-mail and look into this situation as deeply as you wish.
Consider the options friend. — Michael Priebe


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