Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

We enter Day 7 of Favre-Sterger overload and even though the media crush has died down somewhat, the Favre supporters are still out in full force. Including that gentleman who left that lovely message at Gawker's office. (NSFW for "CALLTHEFUCKINGCOPS")

And here's more hate-fueled idol worship from Minnesota and beyond. As usual, [Sic'd]

Yes, That's Me, The Ugly Homosexual Email Rummager

I'm guessing you're either a homosexual or someone who is too ugly to get a playboy model so you're jealous. Lame story, Jen Sterger is hot though. if you have contact with playboy models you should be dating them and waking up with them, not rummaging through their emails you loser — Nate P.

This One Reads Like A Haiku

timing is everything douch bag
did you get the media attention that you wanted, jerk-off
suck my dick



(From Bryan M.)

Illustration for article titled Angry Readers Defend Brett Favre — Now With Audio! (NSFW)

Here Come The Bastards


Congratulations on your malicious and self-serving tarnishing of a great legacy. In an era where there are few real heroes left you have found a way to cast a pall of doubt and distaste on one of the most enduring and inspiring players to ever grace a gridiron. You and your little your little eye-candy-for-hire and self-described "big-boobed ho" tramp have shown yourselves for what you truly are: 24-carat scumbag opportunists.

I hope all the skeletons, blow up dolls, and transvestite garb you keep hidden in your own closet are soon laid bare for the world to see. Enjoy your ill-gotten and sorely undeserved 15 minutes of fame/infamy, but a word of caution: slimy ambulance-chasers like yourselves have a way of getting exactly what they so richly deserve.

Favre was and remains an inspiration to millions. I hope your own parents are quite proud of the bastard they raised.



Actually, I'm From Philadelphia

Your stalking of Favre is getting to the point of scary. You might want to seek some help. Seriously, what kind of man wants to look at another mans junk...unless, of course, he's gay? Are you gay AJ?

None of your other counter parts seem to have the balls to respond to my emails. Let's see if you big bad New Yorker does. — VikesFan


Who Still Says 'Queer'?

Only a queer would pay money for pictures of another mans dong. I bet all you fairies at deadspin chipped in personal money for those "Brett Favre" pics so you can rub your man meat while envisioning Brett's face on them, dreaming they might be real. My only hope is that you keep your dick beaters on your johnson and off the keyboard because it's obvious your reporting and journal writing abilities are only slightly better than a chimp banging on a typewriter. Do society a favor and quit bottom feeding for a living. Do something useful with becoming a speed bump. — Axle


And, Finally, Gregg Easterbrook Boom!-Roasts Us

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