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Animal Abuse: Funnier In The Name Of School Rivalries, But Still Wrong

Despite what Oregon's uniforms will tell you (and they'll tell you a lot of things), ducks do not naturally come in orange and green. This little fella was spray-painted by some Beaver fans and left to die.

A mallard was found spray-painted and with his legs bound with duck duct tape at a community college in Albany, Ore, before Thursday's de facto Pac-10 title game. I figure it's OSU students, because Albany is mere miles from Corvallis, and I don't think the kids from Linn-Benton Community College get particularly wound up over the Civil War game.


The duck was taken to a wildlife rehab center, where he might be a long-term resident. Get ready to awwww:

Jeff Picton, executive director of the nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation center near Lewisburg, said Friday the animal was doing OK but could not be released because the paint had destroyed the water-repellent qualities of its feathers. It would not be able to swim.

They'll hang on to the duck until the spring, when hopefully it will molt and grow new, useful feathers.

Remember, folks. Vandalizing a statue of your rival's mascot: okay, even encouraged. Vandalizing an actual animal: not acceptable. This duck's not the one who ran for 166 yards against your team.


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