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Animal Care Worker Accidentally Killed Louisiana Tech's Bulldog Mascot, Then Tried To Cover It Up

Accidents happen, that's part of life, nothing you can do about it. Sometimes, you even forget to bring inside the beloved bulldog mascot of a major university and the bulldog in question dies of heatstroke. Should you ever find yourself in such a predicament, do not try to cover up the crime.

At first, locals thought Tech XX (pictured above) had gone missing and put out a call for any info people might have as to his whereabouts. Today, though, Louisiana Tech released a statement saying Tech XX had died and that the Sexton Animal Health Center of Ruston, Louisiana, has an immediate opening for a animal care specialist.

Update/Statement re: Tech XX

Early Wednesday afternoon, Louisiana Tech University learned of the passing of Tech XX through the following communication from Dr. Patrick Sexton.

Regretfully, I learned this morning that through negligence of an employee, Tech XX was left outside too long on Sunday evening and passed away from a heat stroke. That employee unfortunately chose to handle it the wrong way and attempted to cover it up. Due to this negligence, the employee is no longer employed by Sexton Animal Health Center.

My family, my staff and I are extremely upset at this tragic turn of events as I know the entire Louisiana Tech Family is as well. Tech XX was a member of our immediate family and a daily part of our lives for the past four years. We are devastated over the circumstances of his passing and there will be a large void in our hearts for some time to come. As with any family member, we will spend considerable time grieving his passing.

Patrick R. Sexton, DVM

Statement from Louisiana Tech University:

"Louisiana Tech University was saddened to learn of Tech XX's passing this past Sunday evening. He will be remembered for being a fan favorite and a symbol of the spirit of Louisiana Tech.

Since becoming our official mascot in 2008, Tech XX received superior care and a loving home from Dr. Patrick Sexton and, despite the unfortunate circumstances of the past few days, we are grateful for all he and his family have done for our beloved mascot.

Tech XX was a cherished member of the Louisiana Tech Family and, together, we will all grieve his passing."


Oh, and the Sexton Animal Health Center might want to think about removing Tech XX's photo from its homepage. Not exactly what they want to be associated with, I'd wager.

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