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Anna Benson Is MAKING NEWS!

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All right, so yes, she is attractive, though she's starting to veer a little close to that, "OK, we get it, you're hot, please stop it now," territory. Mets wife lady Anna Benson is piping up again, this time to blast the Mets for considering trading her man. The reason for the trade talks, she says? Her decision to pose for Playboy. (Ultimately, negotiations for the photo shoot fell apart over money; we're guessing she wouldn't pay them enough.)

This, of course, makes perfect sense, the Mets trading away someone because of the assuredly wretched publicity it would receive for a players' wife posting nude. We full expect a statement from Anna next week saying that Willie Randolph took Benson out in the sixth inning when he had plenty left because of her upcoming appearance on VH-1's "The Fabulous Life," that Benson shoulder troubles stemmed from her impending fragrance line and that the Mets' late pressing of Benson's uniform on her appearance on the Howard Stern show on "E!" airing at 11 p.m. weeknights, Eastern/Pacific.


Amazin's Hurler's Wife Pitches Fit [NY Daily News] [Official Site]

(As usual, Newsday's Jon Heyman had this first.)

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