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Anna Benson, who I believe has had her own teeth surgically replaced by those of Andre the Giant, did an interview on the Fox News channel on Thursday. It creeps me out in a variety of ways. Her gigantic smile is just one of them.

I think there's a good chance that the interviewer, David Asman, is masturbating under the table. Images of Anna in various whorish poses flash by in the background as Asman refers to Anna's "sexy poses" and "wonderful poses" while seeming as nervous and giddy as a junior high boy at his first school dance. Of course, he might just be excited because he gets to mention Anna's hatred of PETA and Michael Moore, things he likely finds equally as titillating.


You can see the entire interview and read a transcript here. If you want.

Fox's Asman touted Anna Benson's "wonderful," "sexy poses" during interview on Cavuto []

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